Two Face

Two-Face was one of Batman's enemies and a prominent crime boss of Gotham City. Harvey Dent was the star District Attorney of Gotham City until one case prosecuting mob boss Sal Maroni who sprayed acid on the left side of his face. Dent was driven insane, having developed a split-personality along with an obsession with duality and the number two. He would then take up the name Two-Face and turn to a life of crime, doing good or evil based off flipping a double-headed coin with one side scarred. Two-Face has capabilities for hand-to-hand combat and is also has excellent marksmanship as well as thorough understanding of the law. In Lego Batman: The Video Game he carries two pistols with unlimited ammunition. He is also immune to toxic waste. When standing still without his guns drawn, he repeatedly flips his coin. He was also the best friend of The Riddler.


Lego Batman: The Video Game

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