Queen Neeyutnee was the female Human Monarch of Naboo during the Clone Wars. At a young age, Neeyutnee became Naboo's monarch and succeeded Queen Jamillia, beginning her term in 21 BBY. Shortly after taking her seat as the leader of the Naboo people, Neeyutnee led a meeting of the Naboo Royal Advisory Council in which the Gungans Boss Rugor Nass and shaak wrangler Peppi Bow brought the shaak herds' nervous behavior to the Queen's attention. Following further investigations by Captain Gregar Typho and the Royal Naboo Security Forces into the matter, a Separatist battle droid patrol was discovered in Naboo's grasslands. Fearing that her homeworld was facing the threat of another invasion much like the one by the Trade Federation and its Droid Army eleven years prior, Neeyutnee called Naboo's senator, Padme Amidala, back from the Galactic Senate for assistance in the matter.


Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

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