Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was one of Batman's enemies and a dangerous eco-terrorist. Pamela Lillian Isley was a young botanist poisoned by her professor as an experiment. She survived and while getting an immunity to toxins, Isley goes insane and becomes Poison Ivy as an eco-terrorist out to save the environment in a deranged way and is also against men. Unlike most Batman rogues, Ivy revolves her crimes around her obsession with plants and a twisted way of saving the environment. In addition to her knowledge of plants and toxic immunity, Ivy is known to also be able to manipulate plants with her mind. Harley Quinn is a chief ally of hers in several of her schemes. In Lego Batman: The Video Game, she can super jump, make plants in pots grow and go into toxic waste. She can also kill an enemy with a toxic kiss, either in close range or blown as pink smoke. She is unlockable character after completing the third level of the Riddler's Revenge, Green Fingers.


Lego Batman: The Video Game

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