LEGO Indiana Jones: the Original Adventures is a Indiana Jones Video Game for Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. You can play as the villans and the heroes and it is rated E+10 for everyone 10 and up. It is about the first three movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade).

Like the previous LEGO games, such as the Star Wars ones, has the build feature and small character doors, as well as some newer ones, such as the excavation, academic, enemy disguise, and super-jump abilities. This game utilizes treasure chests instead of "Canisters" and also makes use of Postage/Packages and a mailbox for extras. The hallway is near identical to the diner counters in the previous installments in function, but offers everything in seperate rooms. There are eighteen normal levels, there are three secret levels and over 40 achievments and trophies, as well as a secret character: Han Solo. Solo is obtainable by collecting 5 Star Wars characters throughout the game. There are also many other Star Wars references within the cutscenes.

PSP/PS2/PS3/Wii/Xbox360/PC Characters Edit

DS Characters Edit

Character Ability Weapon


Bandit Excavate 15,000
Bandit Swordsman Glass-shattering sword 25,000
Barranca Pistol 18,000
Bazooka Trooper (Crusade) Explosive, enemy disguise, glass-shattering Bazooka 30,000
Bazooka Trooper (Raiders) Explosive, enemy disguise, glass-shattering Bazooka 30,000
Belloq Academic 50,000
Belloq (Jungle) Academic 50,000
Belloq (Robes) Academic 50,000
Boy Scout
British Commander Pistol 30,000
British Officer Pistol 25,000
British Soldier Pistol 18,000
Brody Academic
Captain Katanga Repair 18,000
Chatter Lal Thuggee chant 40,000
Chatter Lal (Thuggee) Thuggee chant 40,000
Chen Machine Gun 18,000
Colonel Dietrich Enemy disguise Pistol 50,000
Colonel Vogel Enemy disguise Pistol 50,000
Dancing Girl Super-jump 27,500
Donovan Academic 50,000
Elsa Schneider Academic, super-jump
Elsa (Desert) Academic, super-jump 15,000
Elsa (officer) Academic, super-jump 15,000
Enemy Boxer 25,000
Enemy Butler 15,000
Enemy Guard disguise pistol 18,000
Enemy Guard (Mountains) disguise pistol 30,000
Enemy Officer
Enemy Officer (Desert)
Enemy Pilot
Enemy Radio Operator
Enemy Soldier (Desert)
First Mate
Grail Knight
Henry Jones
Hovitos Tribesman
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones (Army Diguise)
Indiana Jones (Desert Disguise)
Indiana Jones (Desert)
Indiana Jones (Dinner Suit)
Indiana Jones (Kali)
Indiana Jones (Officer)
Indiana Jones (Professor)
Jungle Guide
Kao Kan
Kazim (Desert)
Lao Che
Major Toht
Marion Ravenwood
Marion (Cairo)
Marion (Evening Dress)
Marion (Nightgown)
Masked Bandit
Mola Ram
Monkey Man
Pankot Assasin
Pankot Guard
Sallah (Desert)
Sallah (Fez)
Sherpa Brawler
Sherpa Gunner
Short Round
Slave Child
Thuggee Acolyte
Thuggee Slave Driver
Village Dignitary
Village Elder
Willie Scott
Willie (Ceremony)
Willie (Dinner Suit)
Willie (Evening Dress)
Willie (Pajamas)
Wu Han
Young Indy
Kao Kan Machine Gun

Indiana Jones (Professor)
Marcus Brody
Indiana Jones
Belloq (Jungle)
Hovitos Tribesmen (Blowpipe)
Hovitos Tribesmen (Spear)
Enemy Goon
Sherpa Goon
Indiana Jones (Desert)
Marion (Cairo)
Cairo Henchman
Cairo Swordsman
Monkey Man
Sallah (Suit)
Indiana Jones (Cairo)
Marion (Evening Dress)
Egyptian Mummy
Enemy Soldier (Desert)
Enemy Pilot
Enemy Bazooka Soldier (Desert)
Enemy Boxer
Enemy Officer (Desert)
Belloq (Rabbi)
Marion (Nightgown)
Belloq (Suit)
Colonel Dietrich
Major Toht
Captain Katanga
Indiana Jones (Tuxedo)
Willie Scott (Singer)
Shanghai Hoodlum
Wu Han
Lao Che
Willie Scott (Suit)
Short Round
Punjabi Village Elder
Willie Scott (Pyjamas)
Chattar Lal
British Officer (Redcoat)
Willie Scott (Ceremony)
Thuggee Priest
Willie Scott (Sari)
Chatter Lal (Thuggee)
Maharajah (Thuggee)
Indiana Jones (Kali Temple)
Slave Child
Thuggee Slave Driver
British Officer
British Soldier
Mola Ram
Young Indy
Grave Robber 1
Grave Robber 2
Dr. Elsa Schneider
Kazim (Venice)
Knight of the Cruciform Sword (venice)
Walter Donovan (Tuxedo)
Professor Henry Jones
Enemy Soldier
Enemy Bazooka Soldier
Enemy Officer
Enemy Radio Operator
Kazim (Desert)
Knight of the Cruciform Sword (Desert)
Colonel Vogel
Walter Donovan
Dr. Elsa Schneider (Desert)
Walter Donovan (Ancient)
Grail Knight
Strong Man
Castle Knight
Santa Claus

Levels Edit

Raiders of the Lost Ark Edit

Lost Temple

Into the Mountains

City of Danger

The Well of Souls

Pursuing the Ark

Opening the Ark

Temple of Doom Edit

Shanghai Showdown

Pankot Secrets

Temple of Kali

Free the Slaves

Escape the Mines

Battle on Bridge

The Last Crusade Edit

The Hunt for Sir Richard

Castle Rescue

Motorcycle Escape

Trouble in the Sky

Desert Ambush

Temple of the Grail