Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is perhaps the most important character in Pirates of the Caribbean and appears in all 4 movies. Captain Jack Sparrow was given pirate lordship over the Caribbean by his father, Captain Teague. At some point after committing an act of piracy, he was branded a pirate by the East India Company. In order to be free and sail the seas, he had Davy Jones raise the ship, the Black Pearl, from the oceans depths for him, Davy Jones gave him thirteen years captaincy before he had to serve aboard Jones' Flying Dutchman for eternity. Jack acquired a crew for his ship, however after two years he gave up the bearing to Isla de Muerta by use of his magical compass. His first mate, Hector Barbossa mutinied against him and marooned him on an island with nothing but a pistol with one shot. After three days Jack was able to barter his way off the island with some rumrunners. Over the next ten years he became famous in pirate lore by convincing the public he escaped by wading in the shallows and escaping on a raft of sea turtles.


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Cursed Jack
Captain Jack

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