Hector Barbossa

Hector served as first mate on the Black Pearl under the command of Captain Jack Sparrow, until he raised a mutiny against him. He later marooned Jack on an island and took command over the Black Pearl. Soon, he and his crew became cursed by the Aztec gold they found on the Isla de Muerta, meaning that under the moonlight they were revealed as un-dead skeletons, and were therefore almost invincible, being able to walk under water and be shot or stabbed without dying, but they also had no sense of taste or touch. The curse could only be lifted once all 882 Aztec coins that were stolen were returned to the chest they came from, along with a blood sacrifice from each crew member. Before realizing the cursed nature of the gold, the pirates threw Bootstrap Bill Turner overboard, (without realizing he had sent what would later become the last piece of gold, to his son William). The pirates collected all but Turner's coin, and thus they need the blood of a descendant of Turner to break the curse.


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Cursed Barbossa
Barbossa Privateer

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