Clayface is an enemy of Batman. Basil Karlo is the Clayface in the game (except for the DS version in which he is named Matt Hagen). In the game he possess super strength and can jump high. Basil Karlo, a former actor, became enraged after knowing that his classic film has been recast. He was turned into Clayface, a shape-changing criminal with super strength. Using his newfound powers, he murdered part of the new cast before Batman and Robin stopped him. He, in the videogame, acts as part of The Riddler's group. In fact Clayface is a monster like villain of Batman just like Kaiju villians like Slattern, King Ghidorah, Skull Crawler, Hedorah, Tresspasser and more. Clayface is the size of a Tyrannosaurus and Deviljho.


Lego Batman: The Video Game